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Keira Knightley nude

It is always hard to resist a photo of some nice woman and passing through it without even looking at it is just impossible. Take for example this photo of Keira Knightley nude and I don’t think you can get away with that.

There are only a few shots that make me feel excited about Keira. Of course there are tons of her photos but let me just try to highlight two of them. First one features absolutely naked her and the other nice looking fellow, however I am not gay at all. I just said that to emphasize the fact that she won’t be working with some ugly jerks. As she seats naked I don’t think that this fellow needed to be dressed as that would be pretty silly. To predict what is going on really I think we will have to look at the other side of that photo which means from behind and that is impossible as there is no photographer there. But I can only see his head and body and he is so damn lucky son of a bitch and right now I will explain why.

You see, as I told you, on this photo you can see Keira Knightley naked and this guy seats right behind her and do you want to know what he is doing? He sniffs her hairs there, isn’t that just what every single man on the planet would love to do. Men are crazy about women’s scent because it makes them feel pretty excited and I have tried that one a hundred of times. But I am not the Perfumer just like in that movie.